Difficult to Categorize | 5 | Is it Horror?

I won’t lie. The tally so far is a gypsy curse, one pair of poltergeist dance pumps, a goblin child, at least two ghosts and some working, profit-driven witches. Famepunk contains elements of horror, fantasy and the supernatural. Although it’s not about any of that, not enough to advertise at least, the horror’s essential, peripheral yet central to the plot. I didn’t plan it this way, it’s just how the story developed—I was glad, though, and really went along as I was writing. Especially witches I was glad to get in there. 

Because unless they really hate them, people love witches! They read about them constantly. A lot of people start with Harry Potter books and just keep going, maybe. A year or two ago I checked the Paperback Fiction Bestseller list in the New York Times and about 2/3rds dealt with witches and warlocks and witch clans. When they started showing up in the middle of Middlemarch, I thought, Good. Witches. Maybe this will really sell.

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