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The difference between white culture and black culture in America really isn’t that much. In both, the criminals are winning. Cooperating across racial boundaries, the top criminals run a state of controlled anarchy. They pillage national industries for personal enrichment, their actions leading to job loss and poverty. They prey upon their victims through an omnipresent trade in lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol, high-caloric malnourishment, data plans and cable television. They impoverish the poor with sham financial products and charities, they suck funds through them in sickness and especially in hospitals. Their ranks are swollen by those who’ve shown up to feast on the ever more numerous poor their criminal leaders have introduced upon the world; some contrive to represent the poor and fatten off their meager redress.

Time and again the criminal enterprise of stealing from the poor—including, at its lowest level, literal theft from the poor, the work of those who rob and terrorize poor neighborhoods, the street crime committers—again and again, this vast multiracial internationally-oriented league of criminals is revealed to be a pyramid scheme that leaves most of the criminals poor, their gains are so fleeting. Black or white, only a few prosper—the early absconders. This is why Americans couldn’t count on getting health care until Barack Obama became President, too many people were getting too rich off the poverty created by the status quo; and when it became apparent before the last election that some form of “Obamacare” was inevitable with the Democrats’ return to the White House, some of those people took all their money out of circulation and walked away—this was a root cause of the crash five years ago. Those criminals are looking at the vineyards they own now, the orchards, the acres of teak deck hand-waxed by an immaculate crew; they’re running boutique hedge funds that invest solely in oil services in the former Soviet republics; they collect houses and airplanes, they fly around the world spending a thousand dollars a night on hotel rooms, they rarely sleep in their houses; they attend seminars, they run sometimes for office, some of them are multibillionaires. They won.

President Barack Obama is not a criminal. He is an honest man and a good leader tasked with bringing the innocent non-criminal population of his country out of a big mess that’s actually a crime scene. The way is arduous, it has to be cut through the resisting force of controlled anarchy—massively resisting, criminally controlled—with all its distractions, depredations, degradations, its trash entertainments, its robotic fakery, its hidden fees and random slayings, its contempt for living flesh.

The race hatred fomented by criminals and bigots (and some criminals who are also bigots, black and white) is key to the anarchy—Charles Manson understood this (I know this because Helter Skelter was one of my favorite books when I was a teen, I had a crush on one of the girls featured in its black and white photo insert pages)—a distraction, a depredation, a degradation as massive as all the rest combined. Clearly, if America serves any purpose at all, if it has the higher destiny it claims for itself among history’s other upstart nations, then it seems to me that purpose, that destiny must involve the harmonious mingling of races in one just and generally prosperous society. Because what else could it be—what destiny could be higher for America? Another war to exterminate another race? A return to slave-holding? Has it all been downhill in America since word of the Emancipation Proclamation got out?

Juneteenth / Houston Fourth Ward (c. 1900)

I don’t think so but some people do, there’s no doubt about it. Will all these people and all such people die out within anyone’s lifetime? If not, will the survivors be confined to human zoos and sit on display, screeching about negro inferiority for the fearful edification of schoolchildren? Another question: will a vote for the Green Party always risk giving the office to a race supremacist, secret or otherwise?

President Obama, in the meantime, tasked with leading an enormously vast multiracial population of crime victims straight through the ongoing scenes of the crimes—also ongoing—by which they’ve been and are left wounded, disoriented, enraged and largely impoverished, remains focused and calm.

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