Finished and For Sale (First Editions)

Middlemarch is done, it's here. I've got a copy here in my apartment, I've given some away. It's 800 pages. As soon as I started paging through, I started finding typos. Not that many, no major whoppers, but enough to make me start to jot them down. The door was open a crack and now other things, little buggy bothersome niggling things, started to claw at my notice. Within a week, I had quite a list.

Perfectionism wins again.
So. Maybe I overreacted, but the next thing I did was cut the price to the bone, just clearing Amazon's print-to-order minimum. Then I did the same thing to the first volume. Second editions of both will be coming in 2013...and meanwhile, they're both really good, really funny, and not really all so very full of typos and infelicities that they should detract from anyone's enjoyment but mine.